January 4, 2015

WTOP: New Year, New Laws

Gas prices have dropped in recent months, but don’t be surprised if they go back up a little bit in many parts of our region starting New Year’s Day.

In both Virginia and Maryland, gas tax increases kick in Jan. 1.

As a result, drivers will see price increases of about five cents a gallon in Virginia, three cents a gallon in Maryland.

Also on New Year’s Day, a new law takes effect in the commonwealth called Darren’s Law. It’s named after Fairfax County motorcyclist Darren Morrell, who was hit and killed by an elderly driver in 2011. He was 32.

The new law requires drivers age 75 and older to get their drivers’ licenses renewed in person every five years.

Currently, Virginia drivers age 80 and up have to renew in person every eight years.