Of course the brain is one of the most important parts of the body. However, it is also one of the weakest. If an injury makes its way to the brain through all of the protection that the body has for it, it is very unlikely that the brain will heal in a way that will return it to its previous functionality. It is therefore very important that you understand the nature of traumatic brain injuries.

Below we will discuss what causes traumatic brain injuries, the different types of traumatic brain injuries and disabilities and the expenses that you can expect if a traumatic brain injury occurs to you or your loved ones. Finally, we will go over some of the resources that can help you if you are in need of help with a traumatic brain injury, such as an experienced TBI lawyer.

What exactly causes a traumatic brain injury?

Very serious brain injuries can occur due to sports, car accidents, aneurysms in children or war injuries.

Sports that encourage contact with the head such as football or boxing have a much higher incidence of traumatic brain injuries. In many cases, PTSD in veterans of combat is based in some kind of traumatic brain injury that was received during the tour. Car accidents are also something to look into, as the amount of heavy machinery that is involved in a car accident can be very easily damaging to the brain. Finally, aneurysms in children are another danger to look out for. Aneurysms occur in children more frequently because their brains are not yet fully developed.

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What are some of the types of injuries or disabilities that may occur?

Depending on the part of the brain that is injured, different kinds of disabilities may occur in the body. In most cases, the part of the brain that is injured will showcase itself directly in the part of the body that performs with less accuracy or precision. For instance, if the occipital lobe of the brain is injured in the back of the head, impaired vision may occur.

There are four main parts of the brain – the cortex, the limbic system, the brainstem and the cerebellum. Each of these parts of the brain corresponds to a different functionality in the body. However, other medical professionals may break the brain up into a very different four parts depending on the injury – the frontal lobe, the parietal lobe, the temporal lobe and the occipital lobe. The different distinctions have to do with the kind of injury that is incurred.

What kinds of expenses can I expect if I are one of my loved ones goes through a traumatic brain injury?

Brain injuries are usually ongoing injuries that have ongoing medical fees associated with them. This is why it is so important to involve a lawyer in your negotiations with opposing parties and medical facilities if you or your family are going through a traumatic brain injury. It is especially important to involve a lawyer if you are the one who is going through the injury. If part of your brain has been injured, by definition you will not be able to represent yourself fully, especially if the opposing side has counsel and insurance.

There will likely be recovery efforts required for the brain as well as for the body. When the brain is injured, it takes a great toll on the body as well. You may have to relearn basic motor skills and communication skills depending on the part of the brain that is injured. You may also incur expenses through a loss of income because you are unable to work. This is something that should definitely be considered in negotiations with the opposing party.

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