There are few things that can compare to the feeling of freedom you have when you hit the open road on your motorcycle. Whether a solo ride or a group ride with a bunch of biker friends, it is bound to be an memorable experience. Though for many bikers it is a positive memorable experience, for some it is a ride they will never forget – but in a bad way. All too often we hear of motorcycle accidents and in many cases the outcome is not very good. When crashes happen, motorcyclists often fare the worst out of the crash victims involved.

Motorcycle Crashes – The Statistics

When a motorcyclist is involved in an crash, injuries of some kind will almost certainly result. Motorcycle riders have almost no protection against other vehicles or the road itself, as they are surrounded by nothing other than the clothes they wear and – hopefully – a helmet to protect their head. Serious injuries including head injuries, broken bones, and internal injuries are bad enough, but death rates for bikers involved in accidents are among the highest.  According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Highway Loss Data Institute, when compared based on the total miles traveled, motorcycle deaths outnumbered car crash deaths by 27 to 1. Helmets provide the best protection available against serious head injury, yet in many jurisdictions there is no legal requirement to wear one. Given the likelihood that a helmet could help minimize the severity of head injuries, and possibly save your life, it is difficult to imagine a motorcyclist making a decision to not wear one – yet many do.

Maryland’s Motorcyclists

With over sixty deaths and between 1500 and 2000 injuries per year, the safety of Maryland’s motorcycle riders and passengers is a concern that must be addressed. All road users must practice safe driving methods to minimize the crash rates and help keep everyone injury-free. A variety of factors contribute to the fact that motorcycles are more prone to being involved in accidents than other vehicles on the road. One factor – and possibly the biggest – is that motorcycles are the smallest of the vehicles on the road and, as such, less likely to be seen by other drivers than other cars and trucks. Motorcycles can quite easily disappear into our blind spots when we drive and, when this happens, they may not be noticed again until it is too late.

How Can We Make Driving Safer For Bikers?

Acting with respect towards each other on the road is imperative as we try to increase safety for all drivers, but there are certain steps that can be taken in the interactions between motorcyclists and drivers of larger vehicles that may help to prevent crashes. Perhaps the best way to increase driving safety for motorcyclists is for everyone to be more aware of their presence, their differences from other types of drivers, and the limitations and concerns that are unique to motorcyclists. Car and truck drivers need to respect a motorcyclist as an equal on the road and treat them the same as they would any other driver. Giving them plenty of room, even though they physically take up less space on the road, is important. In particular, during bad weather it is even more important to be sure to give a motorcyclist enough room and space so that if something happens – just like with any other vehicle – the motorcycle driver has the ability to react appropriately.

Motorcyclists Have The Responsibility To Drive Safely Too

The duty to drive in a safe manner is one that must be shared by all drivers – including motorcyclists. Some of the steps that motorcyclists can do to help protect themselves against injuries include wearing the correct and appropriate safety gear – including, and most importantly, a proper helmet. Wearing clothing that stands out and allows other drivers to see you more easily can make a huge difference. Making sure to use lights and signals so that other drivers know what you are doing can help to cut down on the chance of a crash, and allowing yourself enough space to be able to have time to react should something unexpected happen on the road is also a smart move.   

We Can Help With Your Motorcycle Crash Matter

If you have been involved in a motorcycle crash, chances are that you have suffered injuries and losses as a result. As an crash victim, you can receive compensation for your losses, but you need to take action now to protect your rights. The motorcycle accident attorneys at The Jaklitsch Law Group have been handling motorcycle crashes for many years and have the experience you deserve to have on your side. Do not wait to get started towards recovery – contact us online or call today at (301) 627-8700 or 866-586-6079 to set up your initial consultation.