A serious car accident can affect every aspect of your life. Injuries sustained in your car wreck may keep you from being able to work or from doing the simple day-to-day activities make up your daily routine. Insurance companies may try to find a way to keep you from the compensation you deserve.  Or worse, aggressive adversarial attorneys may even look to turn an accident that was no fault of yours into unfair punitive litigation.

Find an Experienced Annapolis Auto Accident Lawyer

In the wake of an auto accident your very first course of action in should be to contact a trusted, experienced attorney.  Leveraging the advocacy of a firm with a reputation of excellence who can ensure that you have the best chance of protecting yourself and your family in pursuit of the fullest compensation for your case.

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We can help walk you through what to say to insurance companies (including your own), how to work through medical expenses, workman’s compensation claims, future lost wages, and the complexities of the law as it pertains to your case. In addition, it’s important to investigate all of the potential causes of the accident including auto manufacturer’s defects, fatigued drivers, negligent road maintenance, driver inattentiveness, or alcohol and drug related causes, to name a few.

Collect Evidence at the Car Accident

On the day your accident happens, whether in Maryland or Virginia, there is only a certain amount of time to gather the evidence, get witness statements, take relevant photos, measure skid marks, take crash measurements, and take the right first steps that set the trajectory of the upcoming investigation. You need someone on your side that deals with minutest of details in auto accidents on a daily basis.

The Jaklitsch Law Group  has more than 50 years of combined legal knowledge. Over the years, we have earned a strong reputation for excellence, especially in providing legal counsel to those who have been injured in car accidents.

The Jaklitsch Law Group can Help

If you or someone you know has been involved in an auto accident that caused serious injury or fatality, allow us to get to work for you right away. Our private investigators or attorneys can arrive on the scene to gather the information your case needs to maximize results.

From our office in Upper Marlboro and Annapolis, we represent injured people throughout Prince George’s County, Anne Arundel County and in southern Maryland (Baltimore, Bowie, Suitland-Silver Hill, Greenbelt, Waldorf, Saint Charles, Clinton, Parole, and Columbia).  If you cannot come to us, we can arrange to meet you in Maryland or Virginia.

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