Someone Else’s Negligence is Not on You

Someone else’s negligence is never your responsibility. Such is especially the case if another person causes an accident – whether it be automobile or otherwise – that results in your bodily and physical harm. Often times such an accident can be life altering, causing intense physical pain, hospitalization, surgery, or loss of property damage, such as a totaled or damaged vehicle.

Unfortunately, in most accidents, someone is going to endure terrible, physical trauma. Often, this injury can be life-altering, especially when it involves a major part of the body such as the back or the neck.

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Suffering from Back Injury

Injury to an individual’s back is a serious, serious matter. Whether it’s broken or strained, there is nothing positive that comes from such a situation. If you’ve ever had your back injured or broken, you know the accident is just the beginning of a journey down a long road to recovery.

Think of it this way. If you’ve ever been involved in an accident where you broke your leg, most likely you underwent surgery, worse a cast for several months, attended multiple physician visits and underwent a certain amount of physical therapy once the cast was removed. Additionally, you were most likely enduring an intense amount of pain, at least for a season of time.

Now, multiply that experience by a thousand and you have the situation most back injured have or will deal with. Because your back is such a large part of your body, the pain can be excruciatingly intense. Simply attempting to stand for a large amount of time, or sitting in an otherwise already uncomfortable chair can change your day to day life for the worst; and that’s after your years of rehabilitation. That’s also assuming, you’re able to walk when its all said and done.

Suffering from Neck Injury

From your spinal cord and beyond, sustained neck injury can instantly paralyze an individual, dropping their quality of life immensely. Additionally, even if the ability to walk again is ever regained, pain can linger for years, even into decades. This is no way for someone to live, especially if the injury was caused by the complete negligence of another.

The costs and expenses that come with such injuries is also something to consider. Who will pay for the medical care, rehabilitation and live beyond the accident. You should be seeking immediate compensation. We can help. If you’re ready to talk about your situation, we’re ready to listen. Allow us to represent your future.

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