“The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse.”

Edmund Burke

If statistics are true, somewhere right now there are nursing home tenants living through the pain and suffering of recurring physical abuse. This could be assault and battery from the nursing home staff, it could be coming from other patients, or it could come from family members.  No matter where it comes from, if you have suspicion that a family member of yours is experiencing nursing home abuse, you must do something about it.

Nursing Home Assault

When a nursing home employee, patient, or visiting family member does something intentionally to cause a patient to fear that they are about to be physically hurt – that is nursing home assault. Even if the victim is not actually ever harmed physically, the state of Maryland considers the act of causing someone to fear that physical pain and suffering are coming to be an egregious crime. This definition allows appropriate parties to intervene and press charges before the act of violence does occur.

If your loved one has been victim of assault in the nursing home, you have every right to contact a nursing home abuse lawyer and press charges.

Nursing Home Battery

Depending on the physical harm done, battery (typically tethered to assault charges) could have various degrees of punishment.  Battery would be defined as:

“Unconsented physical contact with another person, even where the contact is not violent but merely menacing or offensive.”

If a loved one has experienced unconsented physical contact of any kind and to any degree, assault and battery charges should be brought against the person or party without hesitation. Nursing home assault and battery is reported as a frequent occurrence in the United States.  Speak with the nursing home abuse and personal injury attorneys at the Jaklitsch Law Group right away.

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Nursing home assault and battery needs to be stopped. Your willingness to stand up to the abuse will encourage nursing home owners to take stronger measures to ensure their residents receive the care that they deserve. Our Maryland personal injury attorneys can help you seek financial compensation for your family member deserves. We believe this should include the full scope of medical bills and additional damages from his or her pain and suffering. 

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