Injuries can occur unexpectedly particularly when injures are internal. You may have experienced a sudden impact during a vehicle accident, slip and fall or in a medical situation, but did not experience immediate results because you did not see blood, bruises, or lacerated wounds. However, as time went on you may have noticed changes in your physical stance or other bodily functions, which have not gone away. You may have thought to yourself if you laid down and got some rest when you woke up everything would be fine. If a week or two has gone by and your symptoms have gotten worse, you should seek medical attention immediately to evaluate your internal medical status. Your doctor or specialist can assess which organs, tissues, muscles or bones if any have been injured and are progressively getting worse. Internal injuries should not be taken lightly because your health is your life’s foundation.

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What Happens After Your Diagnosis?

If medical tests have ruled out internal injuries, that’s great. However, if you’ve been given a diagnosis of an internal injury which will require an extended period of time for you to recover or that will require lifelong medical supervision, you should follow your physician directives. If you’ve taken the time to grasp what you will have to do to maintain your health, then you’re probably wondering about the cost of extended medical care. Although this is not an easy problem to solve overnight, information is available regarding what steps you can take to find out how you can pay for your accident-related medical bills.

Information to Help with Your Internal Injury

When you begin searching for information about how to receive personal injury benefits, you should seek information about your legal rights as a personal injury victim. This is important due to the deadline enforced by the state of Maryland’s statute of limitations for filing personal injury lawsuits. Personal injuries attorneys offer legal assistance to clients who have acquired internal injuries. It doesn’t matter if your injury was acquired in a vehicle accident, on a property, in a nursing home, walking down the sidewalk or if you were given the wrong medication.

Your injury situation is important and you have the right to have your claim reviewed thoroughly. If your case is accepted, your attorney may be able to offer advise about what can be done to represent you. These steps may include requesting the incident report and your medical documents to find evidence that the incident was in fact the cause or exacerbation of your injury or existing medical condition. After assessing your records and determining which insurance company is responsible for your medical expenses. Your personal injury attorney will also inform you about the litigation process.

While a personal injury attorney may be able to provide details about the litigation process, an exact recovery date may not be provided during your initial consultation. This due is to the varying time length of insurance company responses, court session dates, settlement conference dates, and release of funds. However, your attorney will keep you abreast of your case’s progress. If your case does not require a trial session and the insurance company is willing to negotiate settlement terms outside of court, your personal injury attorney may be able to negotiate compensation for your loss of income, physical therapy sessions, medical examinations, transportation costs, attendant care, and your pain and suffering.

What Legal Decision Should You Make?

The litigation process for personal injury cases may not sound complicated and you may be wondering if you can collect benefits on your own. Well, while it’s true that you can submit a claim for your internal injuries to an insurance company, your expected outcome may not be guaranteed. Many insurance companies are known for quickly deny personal injury benefits or may terminate benefits without fully assessing a claimant’s condition. If you go this route on your own, you’re likely to encounter this challenge. As a personal injury victim you have the right to review your options and choose which one is best for you.

If you take time to inquire about personal injury benefits and legal procedures then you will become proactive in your ability to receive the justice you deserve. You may have acquired an unexpected internal injury, but you don’t have to settle for lack of important information regarding your legal rights. The legal help you need may be one click or phone call away. Call 301-627-8700 or contact the Jaklitsch Law Group today for a free consultation about your injury.