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(Associated Press) Kevin Smith, 43, a resident of Frederick County plead guilty to one count of negligent manslaughter by automobile and one count of driving under the influence of alcohol per se at a hearing Monday.

On the evening of July 19 last year, 15 year-old Katlynn Bossler had crossed the street in front of her home to talk to some young men in a car when Smith hit her with his car as he passed.

Following the accident, Smith was given a field sobriety test by trooper from the Maryland State Police. According to the troopers, Smith performed poorly.

After his arrest, Smith was a blood alcohol test which indicated that his blood alcohol concentration was 0.17. The legal limit for driving under the influence in the state of Maryland is 0.08.

Smith sentencing is set for April 7th; however he is scheduled to turn himself in to the Carroll County Detention Center on February 22nd.

Smith is facing a sentence somewhere between probation and two years in prison.

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